Here at Special Moments we believe that nothing is set in stone! We have created specialized boxes for what we believe our guests will want, but we love to add more! Below are options to make your box stand out among the rest! 

  • To Drink

    Canned Coke Products    $1.50
    Bottled Water     $1.50

  • To Savor

    Fresh Made Signature Side Salad (tri-colored pasta salad, potato salad, & coleslaw)     $1.50
    Poore Brothers Potato Chips     $1.00

  • To Sweeten

    Fresh Baked Cookie     $0.75
    Fresh Baked Ghirardelli Brownie     $1.00
    Fresh Baked Dessert Bar     $1.00
    Fresh Baked Ghirardelli Chipotle Brownie     $1.00
    Fresh Baked Ghirardelli Brownie Pop     $1.50
    Whole Fruit (apple, banana, or orange)     $1.00