About Us

Our Story: 

Boxed Meals Arizona was created by the Owners & Managers of Special Moments Catering & Events.  After 30 years in the culinary industry, we found ourselves with consistent requests to bring a catering level of quality to the boxed meal concept currently available in the market.  Boxed meal catering provides a great solution for groups in transit as well as a fast and effective way to feed large groups of people.  Over our long career, Special Moments has served thousands of boxed meals.  Most recently we were honored to proved over 2500 boxed meals for the NFL during Superbowl XLIX.  After receiving a letter from our client from the NFL entitled “Boxed Lunch Awesomeness” we knew it was time to brand this division of our company and work to provide even more suitable options for this growing market.  After three decades of leading the industry in food quality, attention to detail and affordable catering, we are excited to present Boxed Meals Arizona.

About Our Boxes:

In catering, selecting proper food items that hold well is one of the keys to creating a successful offsite event.  Unlike a restaurant, where food goes straight from stove to table, catering requires food to hold up in transit and maintain quality potentially hours after they have been prepared.  We took our 30 years of experience in this concept and created a line of boxed meals that featured local products and were designed with longevity in mind.  Additionally, we challenged our chefs to create a product line that featured the local flare of Arizona and give unique southwestern options as part of our offerings.

Sustainable Production:

Arizona Boxed meals has also been created with the intent to practice sustainability. Our container is fully biodegradable and compostable and includes everything your guests need including utensils, condiments and napkins.  Our production includes a full compost program through Recycled City (link). Our compost, along with other participating food venues in the valley, is used to grow produce to feed the less fortunate.  Between composting and recycling we have we have significantly reduced our trash and waste.